Gloucester Point Bible Institute

Welcome to Gloucester Point Bible Institute, where our offerings are anchored in the timeless truth of Scripture. Rooted in Christ, we are committed to equipping disciples and leaders for tomorrow's challenges with both grace and truth. 

Who Is the bible institute for?


Begin your spiritual journey with our Seekers courses, a welcoming space where questions about God and Christianity find answers. Grounded in grace and truth, explore the foundations of faith and discover the transformative power of Christ's teachings.


Strengthen your understanding of the Bible and fortify your faith with our Believers courses. Rooted in Christ's truth, these courses provide a solid foundation for believers, guiding you through essential teachings and principles that deepen your relationship with Jesus. 


Immerse yourself in our Disciples courses, where the study of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus come alive. Rooted in Christ and founded on grace and truth, these courses are designed for disciples actively living out their faith, offering practical insights for a life centered on Christian principles. 
Explore our Ministry Leadership Pathway, a transformative journey for pastors, deacons, missionaries, and aspiring leaders. Rooted in Christ, this track equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to lead with grace and truth, preparing you to navigate the challenges of tomorrow's ministry landscape.