Gloucester Point Baptist Church Contexualized leadership development

We are thrilled to announce a transformative new partnership that connects our church with the esteemed Spurgeon College at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Together, we have established the Contextualized Leadership Development (CLD) program, which offers accredited and dynamic ministry education and training. This collaboration promises to bring Spurgeon College's robust academic offerings into the heart of our congregation, equipping a wide array of individuals — from small group leaders and Sunday School teachers to pastoral residents and missionary team members. It extends to those faithfully serving in various capacities, including bi-vocational pastors who juggle multiple responsibilities.

The CLD courses are meticulously designed to mirror the robust curriculum offered on-campus at Spurgeon College and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. This ensures that every participant in our church receives the same rigorous and spiritually enriching education as their counterparts at the college. Our shared goal is to cultivate a community of growing disciples and skilled church leaders who are ready to meet the challenges of ministry in our modern world. This program underscores our commitment to developing servant leaders who are deeply rooted in Christ and adept in handling the Word of God. We are paving the way for passionate individuals to transform their calling into effective ministry, right within the nurturing environment of Gloucester Point Baptist Church.

We invite you to join us in this exciting journey of faith and learning, where your service and dedication to the Gospel will be met with unparalleled academic resources and spiritual support.

Being rooted in christ means to be rooted in his word

Are you ready to take your leadership and ministry skills to new heights? Gloucester Point Baptist Church is excited to announce our partnership with Spurgeon College at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, offering you an exclusive opportunity to enroll in the Contextualized Leadership Development (CLD) program.

Why Choose CLD with Gloucester Point Baptist Church?
  • Tailored Ministry Training: Our partnership brings you accredited and accessible ministry training specifically designed for unique or underserved environments.
  • Equivalent to College Courses: Benefit from courses on par with those offered at Spurgeon College, ensuring a high-quality educational experience.
  • Designed for Diverse Roles: Whether you're a small group leader, Sunday School teacher, ministry staff, pastoral intern/resident, missionary team member, or a bi-vocational pastor, CLD caters to your specific needs.

What Gloucester Point Baptist Church's CLD Program Offers:
  • Tuition-Free Undergraduate Credit: Qualify for up to 36 credit hours applicable to an Associate's or Bachelor's degree at Spurgeon College.
  • Graduate Level Opportunities: Submit CLD credits for Advanced Standing consideration in a Master's degree program at Midwestern Seminary.
  • Flexible Credit Transfer: CLD credits may transfer to other schools, contact the Registrar's Office at Spurgeon College for details.

How to Get Started with Gloucester Point Baptist Church CLD:
  1. Admissions Process: Let us know you are interested.
  2. Credit Qualification: To receive credit at the undergraduate level, achieve a passing grade. A "B" grade or better in relevant CLD courses is required for graduate-level consideration.

Meeting Requirements with Gloucester Point Baptist Church:
  • Qualified Instructors: Our instructors hold accredited theological Master's degrees and possess equivalent ministry experience.
  • Doctrinal Alignment: Instructors uphold the doctrinal statements of Spurgeon College and Midwestern Seminary.
  • Approved Courses: Choose from a range of biblical, theological, and ministry studies courses tailored to your ministry context.

CLD Courses Offered by Gloucester Point Baptist Church:
  • Explore a variety of courses, including Intro to Scripture, Church History, Christian Doctrine, Worldviews, Pastoral Care, Sermon Preparation, Global Missions, Church Planting, and more!
Admission is facilitated through the Church Partnerships Department, and as a CLD student, you are exempt from tuition and fees at Spurgeon College. Connect with us at to embark on this transformative leadership journey with Gloucester Point Baptist Church.
CLD Courses Offered
BS 100 Intro to Scripture
BS 101 Survey of OT Literature
BS 102 Survey of NT Literature
BS 115 Old Testament Survey I
BS 116 Old Testament Survey II
BS 117 New Testament Survey I
BS 118 New Testament Survey II
BS 204 Intro to Hermeneutics
HT 100 Intro to Church History
HT 112 Church History I
HT 113 Church History II
HT 300 Intro to Christian Doctrine
HT 350 Christian Doctrine I
HT 351 Christian Doctrine II
HT 401 Worldviews
HT 410 Christian Ethics
HT 411 World Religions
HT 450 The Church
HT 460 Biblical Theology
MN 201 Personal Evangelism and Discipleship
MN 310 Sermon Preparation
MN 311 Sermon Delivery
MN 410 Pastoral Care & Ministry
HM 304 Philosophy of Religion (Apologetics)
MS 201 Global Missions
MS 310 Intro to Church Planting and Church Growth
CE 210 Christian Leadership
CE 360 Church Administration
CE 401 Principles of Christian Teaching