Learn about Gloucester Point

We are a community of believers who prioritize the importance of unity. When we say "unity" we mean that we believe unity in our relationships with both God and each other is vital. Jesus prayed that we may all be one, just as Jesus and the Father are one. This means putting God and others first in our lives. Our purpose is to be a church that Loves God, Loves Others, and serves in the world, starting with our community of Gloucester point.

We strive to go beyond the walls and reach those who are lost and lonely, just as Jesus calls us to do. While many churches prefer to stay within their comfort zone, we make an effort to be the church that is sent out, with a vision of bringing transformation to Gloucester Point.  

We place high value on our relationships with one another, as we believe that unity occurs through these connections, leading us closer to God. We place great importance on the word of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our aim is to extend grace to all those who feel lost and lonely, leading them to the hope of Jesus Christ.

Meet the team.

Dillon Evans


Dr. Paul Garber

Pastor Emeritus

Margaret Sarratori

Music Director

Sheri Asbury-Titone

Church Secretary

Barbara Stevens


Alyssa Owens


Connie Stewart

Children & Youth Ministry Coordinator

Seth Gandee, Chris Gibbons, & Brian Stewart

A/V Team


Brian Stewart


Barry Milligan

Recording Secretary

Sonya Anthony

Leslie Belvin

Bill Breeden

David Crumett

Stewart Wood